The Lilly MDR-TB Partnership

The Lilly MDR-TB Partnership offers education, training, and improved care to millions of people around the world who have fallen victim to deadly multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Among its many efforts, this Partnership delivers indispensable antibiotics to the poor and transfers drug manufacturing know-how to high burden countries. It is a Transfer of Hope.

The Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative

The global health community is battling one of the oldest diseases in the world - tuberculosis (TB). Fueled by poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic, first-line TB claims a human life every 20 seconds. Two million people die from this dreaded disease each year. 99% of them are from the developing world. Proper treatment for TB includes a rigorous regimen of four medications that must be taken daily for six months, but a large number of patients develop drug resistance because they fail to successfully complete the treatment.

9.5 million new cases of TB occur every year, and more than half of a million of them advance to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), which is not treatable by standard methods. This is a clear global health crisis that needs to be addressed.

In 2003, Lilly launched the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership, a public-private initiative that mobilizes 18 partners in over 60 countries to assist patients in need. Lilly is providing more than US $135 million in funds, medications as well as in technology to increase access to treatment and to focus global resources on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of MDR-TB patients. The heart of the programme is a transfer of the technology to manufacture two of our legacy medications necessary for treatment of MDR-TB to generic companies in four high burden countries - China, India, Russia and South Africa - so that they can make the medications safely and cheaply for needy patients

We are working ambitiously to meet the WHO/Stop TB target of enrolling 1,6 million M/XDR-TB (Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis) patients on treatment by 2015. We are also focusing on the future by helping to fill the early stage pipeline for TB drug development. Lilly's TB Drug Discovery Initiative has acquired two compounds that show potential in initial testing.