Osteoporosis - Fall and Fractures Prevention Tips

You might think that most falls occur outside but the fact is, that most falls occur in the home. Here are things to check for you to make sure that your home is a safe haven:

  • Are steps levelled?
  • Are stairs and walkways free of clutter?.
  • Are there nonskid bath mats?
  • Are night-lights installed in bathrooms and hallways?
  • Is there a flashlight near the bed for emergencies?
  • Are electrical cords placed behind furniture?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is furniture arranged so that there's enough space to walk easily around each room and from room to room?
  • Are light switches at entrances to each room easy to reach (so that you don't have to walk into darkened rooms)?
  • Are spills cleaned up right away to avoid sticky or slippery floors?

Other Precautions

Wear sturdy, rubber-soled shoes. Keep your intake of alcoholic beverages to a minimum. Ask your doctor whether any of your medications might cause you to fall. Are all area carpets secured with double-faced tape or slip-resistant backing?