Osteoporosis - Facts and Statistics

Facts You Cannot Ignore
  • Osteoporosis, called "the bone-thinning disease," is a common condition that affects over 25 million people each year.
  • 80 percent of people with osteoporosis are women.
  • 80 percent of women over age 65 have osteoporosis.
  • Osteoporosis is responsible for one and a half million fractures each year.
  • After menopause women lose about one to two percent of their bone density each year.
  • Although the vast majority of people with osteoporosis are women, 1.5 million men also have osteoporosis, and another 3.5 million men are at high risk.
  • By the age of 80, nearly half of all women show on an Xray that they have had a fracture of their spine.