Osteoporosis in India

Osteoporosis in India

Osteoporosis is greatly underdiagnosed and undertreated in Asia, even in the most high risk patients who have already had a fracture.

The problem is particularly acute in rural areas. In the most populous countries like China and India, the majority of the population lives in rural areas (60% in China), where hip fractures are often treated conservatively at home instead of by surgical treatment in hospitals.

India: Expert groups peg the number of osteoporosis patients at approximately 26 million (2003 figures) with the numbers projected to increase to 36 million by 2013.

India: In a study among Indian women aged 30-60 years from low income groups, BMD at all the skeletal sites were much lower than values reported from developed countries, with a high prevalence of osteopenia (52%) and osteoporosis (29%) thought to be due to inadequate nutrition.

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