Treatment Methods for Erection Problem

Before starting the treatment of erection problem, physical illnesses and psychosocial factors must be evaluated.1

The most appropriate treatment methods for erection problem are oral medications, vacuum pump, injection in the penis and penile prosthesis.2

Oral medications2,3,4

  • Ask your doctor about the solutions for erection problem and treatment choices3
  • Your doctor is the only person who can tell you which treatment choice will be a solution for erection3
  • Sexual stimulation is a must for these medications to function3
  • Alcohol may affect erection. Excessive alcohol must be avoided when having oral treatments.4

Currently, there are different treatment options such as PDE5 inhibitors available in the market.


  • These generally are injected into penis or placed with a special applicator in order to provide erection before sexual intercourse.
  • You should consult with your doctor about all possible adverse effects.

These products contain a medication, which is injected into the body part of penis or is placed within urethra with a special applicator.

These must be applied 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Vacuum pumps5

  • These help to attain erection by pulling blood into penis.
  • After that, a clamping collar is placed at the root of penis in order to maintain erection and blood is restrained within penis.

Clamping collar must not be used for more than 30 minutes in order to avoid circulatory disorder.

Penile prosthesis2

  • It consists of two synthetic cylinders, which are placed within penis with surgical operation. Penis prosthesis can be applied to patients who cannot benefit from the treatment methods listed above.
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Warning: The information provided here is general. It may be misleading to make diagnosis, prognosis or to draw conclusions based on this information. Physical examination must be conducted by a physician.