Consult with Your Doctor

First Meeting with Your Doctor

Sexuality is a delicate matter for many people. Consulting this issue with a doctor may create hesitation in one way or another. However, you should speak about your condition to your doctor and ask him the right questions in order to get medical help.1

Two facts, which may help you to relax concerning erection, are given below:

  • Erection Problem is common. Millions of males in the world experience this problem.2
  • Erection Problem can be treated. Most of the people who have erection problem can be treated.3

You should allow your doctor to understand whether you have this problem.1

The Key Points of Speaking to Your Doctor

  1. Do Not Hesitate to Speak about the Problem
    Speaking about sexual matters may be bothering at times. However, it is of great importance for you to talk with your doctor about all the questions in your mind.5

  2. Be Prepared
    Be prepared for your appointment noting down all your complaints, current diseases, the medications you use, changes which have taken place in your life recently and the stresses you undergo before you consult with your doctor.5

  3. Be Clear
    It is of great importance for you to provide correct and detailed information to your doctor as much as possible. The more you inform your doctor about your problems, the more your doctor can help you.1

  4. Consider Consulting with Your Doctor Together with Your Partner
    If possible, visit your doctor with your partner. Your partner may provide useful information to your doctor remembering the points you may skip or forget.5

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Warning: The information provided here is general. It may be misleading to make diagnosis, prognosis or to draw conclusions based on this information. Physical examination must be conducted by a physician.