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Sexual dysfunction (erection problem) is a condition which gradually increases in prevalence among males and which have adverse effects both anatomically and emotionally. Today, the most widely used test in order to determine the degree of erection problem in males who have sexual dysfunction is International Sexual Function Index (IIEF).1 Applying this sexual function test which consists of 6 questions, you can accurately and reliably determine whether you have erection problem or what is the degree of erection problem.1,2

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  2. Inter-national Erectile Function Form. Access date: 12.01.2016.
1. How often do you reach the hardness to perform the sexual intercourse when you harden with a sexual stimulation?
2. How often can you harden during sexual intercourse?
3. How often can you penetrate (can you enter) in to your partner during the sexual intercourse?
4. How often can you continue to harden after penetration during sexual intercourse?
5. During the sexual intercourse, how hard is it to maintain hardness sufficient to complete sexual intercourse?
6. How confident do you feel about yourself in achieving and maintaining hardness?