Health, Safety and Environment

In the challenging, research-based pharmaceutical industry, Lilly is committed to making high-quality medicines responsibly. We aim to achieve world-class performance by operating safely, minimizing our natural resource use, and lessening our impact on the environment.

Consistent with the Lilly brand and with our company's value of respect for people, that responsibility includes creating a culture of accountability that places a strong emphasis on employee safety. Our employees are our greatest asset and we want our workplace to be injury free.

New injury prevention programs are already being implemented throughout the company to ensure continued progress. In fact, our motor vehicle safety program has been expanded from 10 to 33 sales and marketing organizations. In addition to emphasizing motor vehicle safety, we will also focus on ergonomics - areas where injuries most frequently occur at Lilly.

Injury prevention programs are being implemented companywide to ensure continued progress. For example, we have been expanding hseDIRECTIONS, our global marketing and sales organization's strategy for injury reduction, as well as environmental improvement. Additionally, ergonomics and slips, trips, and falls - two common causes of injuries at Lilly - are becoming an even greater point of focus globally. At the same time, we are maintaining strong programs in process safety and industrial hygiene.

A thorough review of contractor company safety rates occurs before a firm is hired, and we only hire those that meet our standards. Once hired, we expect the contractor to maintain the same rigorous safety standards that we maintain for our own employees. As a result, the global contractor injury rate is routinely below the national average in countries where we operate.

Strengthening our commitment to injury prevention will improve productivity and will allow us to continue to focus on delivering improved outcomes for our patients and customers.